In July 2-9 we will record our new album with the legendary producer-engineer MARK HOWARD.


Mark Howard has, together with Daniel Lanois, made some of the most classic and dearly loved records the last 30 years with towering names such as :
Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Neill Young, Nusrat Ali Fateh Khan, R.E.M, U2, Willie Nelson, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Daniel Lanois etc. etc.

He has been a vital part of creating albums like:

“Time out of mind” – Bob Dylan
“Oh Mercy” – Bob Dylan
“Automatic for the people” – R.E.M
“So” – Peter Gabriel
“All that you can’t leave behind – U2
“For the beaty of Winona” – Daniel Lanois
“Wrecking ball” – Emmylou Harris
“Teatro” – Willie Nelson
“La noise” – Neill Young

– and many, many more!

He has worked with the great Nusrat Ali Fateh Khan in the 90’es, so he understand’s the music of Rocqawali well.
We are looking so much forward to work with him !

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