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Stephan Grabowski

Working in Denmark, U.K, India, Pakistan, Ethiopia

”Music has to be far more than just a line of notes”

– Understanding and know-how of music in a larger context:

Stephan Grabowski has composed music for 6 theatre shows within the last 3 years.

He has been DMA nominated, (Danish Grammy), 3 times,

both for his theatre work and for his work in world music and rock music.

He has worked internationally with top musicians and partners in :

Denmark, UK , India, Pakistan and Ethiopia.

He has a lot of experience in completing large projects with many people involved and has worked in the music industry for 28 years as a

songwriter, theatre composer, drummer, band leader, producer and arranger.

He started out as a drummer for some of Denmark´s premiere indie bands through the 80és and 90és. Together with these bands he received 6 DMA rewards.

Furthermore he has made 6 highly acclaimed albums and 1 EP in his own name.

Produced or played on 30 + albums.

Stephan has participated in 10 theatre shows as composer/bandleader/musician up till now.

He is also the drummer and producer of the Danish/Pakistani band ROCQAWALI with the outstanding singer Ejaz Sher Ali from the legendary pakistani sufi group Sher Ali Mehr.

Stephan has also teached in music on RMC,- the rythmic conservatorium i Copenhagen, Borups Højskole and DAF,- the Danish artist Union.

Some of the great rewiews Stephan Grabowski has received through the years: “The Falling Man” EP (2014): “The music has been on a constant repeat here 24/7 since I got it. I´m just crazy about it“ ! – Adrian Hughes, Smagsdommerne DR.2 – Danish national TV • “The Bollywood Trip” (2011) ****”A charming meditation on life, love and personal identity” Metro U.K • “The Bollywood Trip, is certainly an enjoyable evening” Plays to see U.K • *****”Wonderful and electrifying Bollywood music”. Berlingske, – Danish national paper • ”Amazing music that you can´t help but to groove with”. Smagsdommerne, DR.2 – Danish national TV • ***** ”This completely takes over the theatre concerts”. Information • “Bombay Feber” (2009): “Everything your heart desires. Song writitng on a level where both melodies and lyrics stand out from the crowd. Lot´s of artistic temper, a stirring nerve in the performance, curiosity and boldness as guiding stars. A rare harmonious work of art”. – Klaus Lynggaard, Information – Danish national paper • ******* “A work of art that manifest´s Stephan Grabowski as an artist capable of bringing new angles to the well worn pop genre”. Diskant.dk – Popular Danish music blog • "Konger for en aften " (2003): ”One of the past 10 years most substansial Danish pop records. Some of the most consistently danish pop I have heard for a very, very long time, – carried equally by complexity and elegance. Mainstream that swim´s against the stream, as all good pop with a long lasting life should do”. – Torben Bille, Information – Danish national paper • ***** “A brilliant idea to put the absolute kings of pop together. It´s a perfect pearl of pop that Stephan Grabowski has written. He does´nt go beserk in huge string arrangements, but rather understand´s how to use the huge orchestra as an instrument, the same way as the rhythm group, -simple and tastefull”. – Lene Kryger, Fyens stifttidende – Huge danish province paper • Danmark drømmer (1999): ****" You just can´t take away the will for vision and outlook from Stephan Grabowski" - Anders Rou Jensen Politiken – Danish national paper. ”Grabowski sings like a hurt angel. As one of the few in Denmark, he successfully tries to update the Danish language in a comtempoary musically staging" - Klaus Lynggaard, Information – Danish national paper • "Underligere end kærlighed" (1997): "Underligere end kærlighed”, is the title of Stephan Grabowski´s new masterpiece of an album. A necessary and rare release that resonance in the listener long after it has stopped playing”. – Klaus Lynggaard Information, – Danish national paper • ***** "Grabowski has created a pop music that stand´s dancing in the moment, with the past calmly glowing in one hand and the future burning brightly in the other. A fully matured album without any weak spot´s”. – Kim Skotte, Politiken – Danish national paper • ***** "10 strokes of pure genious. I never thought I would hear a song able to match Sebastian´s “Rose”, in melody, brilliant insight and crushingly wise lyrics." – Henning Høeg, B.T – Danish national paper • "Glitter Angels" (1993): "Eminent ! Grabowski debut´s with a mature and dazzling album. A lavishly and luxurious pop album, where he at times almost surpasses his teacher Lars H.U.G as a singer, composer and lyricist”- Lars B. Jørgensen, Berlingske tidende – Danish national paper • *****"Ok.I am sold ! The best album of this year is a debut ! He is a former drummer of Lars H.U.G and what you would´nt think possible, happen´s here on this record. He equal´s, if not even surpasses Lars H.U.G in originality and sheer un-danish guts !”. – Tom Jensen, Det fri aktuelt – Danish national paper